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The LED Developer Challenge

Color Wave
RTS Configuration MOBA Configuration MMO Configuration FPS Configuration DOTA2 Configuration CS Configuration G810 Keyboard

Logitech G and Overwolf are looking for some game loving, swag seeking code warriors with a passion to create and win. Fresh from the oven, the LED Control Software Development Kit is released to help you build some amazing stuff in simple HTML. Give it all you’ve got and win eternal glory!
(and some top notch Logitech G gear...)

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First draft submission phase ends in

You must sign up and submit your first draft by June 15th to participate in the challenge!



1st Place
  • Full set of Logitech G gaming gear
  • Worldwide exposure on Overwolf and Logitech G’s global social media channels
  • G502
  • G633
  • Z623
  • G810
  • C920
2nd and 3rd Place
  • Full set of Logitech G gaming gear
  • Worldwide exposure on Logitech G’s global social media channels
  • G502
  • G633
  • G810
  • C920

* All prizes can be shipped only to North America and European countries

** Qualified apps, are high quality apps, to be decided by the judges

*** ALL Qualified apps will receive a G810 gaming keyboard!

The judges

We’ve gathered the most legendary judges possible for this contest.
Together, they will crown the best app out there!

Meet your panel of judges

Contest timeline

Registration and submission

In order to participate in the challenge you must sign up and submit your first draft by June 1st. Sign up early, as you'll get additional information and updates via email. You can find additional information about the submission process and Overwolf apps here. Any final submissions after August 20th will be disqualified from the challenge. Read the full terms.

First draft

Please submit your first draft by June 1st. This first draft consists of:
- A screenshot or mockup of your app.
- A brief explanation of your app, what it does and how it will use the new Logitech LED API capabilities.
- A brief overview of what your next plans are for the app and the remaining steps. None of this info will be shared to keep the fairness of the competition and is for internal use only.

Development guidelines

Development process

You can craft great apps using your imagination and coding skills. Fuse these with the new Overwolf-Logitech API and the exclusive game events and you get great apps inside PC games. Remember, you must create an Overwolf app. To make things fun(ctional), use the web-based SDK, and if you're into C/C++, take a stab at the NPAPI plugin (you can even use it to easily port existing apps). Last but not least, you can also use any 4th party web API.

Overwolf SDK

Use the Overwolf SDK (ODK) to get information from the game and present HTML and JS content inside PC games. Overwolf has an expansive list of API's and we support all 3rd part web API's out there.


Use the all new Overwolf-Logitech LED API to access to all of the LED backlighting and RGB capabilities of Logitech G products. Integrate profiles for custom key configurations, develop in-game effects, or mark keys to keep track of cool-downs on various commands

Game events sdk

Overwolf added new, exclusive, live event detection mechanism for CS:GO, League of Legends, DOTA 2, and many more games. This will let you develop intricate and exciting apps. Here are a few examples of the newly added events:

- Kill
- Headshot
- Bomb planted
- Assist
League of Legends:
- Death detection (coming soon)
- Ultimate ability detection (coming soon)
- Kills detection (coming soon)

And many more cool events…

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I don’t have a Logitech LED
keyboard, how can I test my app?
You can easily test your ideas and development in the new Logitech Keyboard Emulator, which will live demo your project as if you have a real keyboard in front of you.
So how much time do I have to develop
and when will you announce the winners?
The development and submission phase of the competition starts on June 1st and Ends on August 20th 23:59 PST. Winners will be announced on September 5th.
What app should I develop?
Pretty much anything you can think of. Try asking around on the game specific forums, or try your gamer friends - what would they like to have? what would help them win? what would make their gaming experience be even better? You can also use our app suggestion page.
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