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Monetization Manager

Ramat Gan, Israel Full-time


Overwolf is looking for a Monetization Manager to join our winning team!

Founded in 2010 and backed by leading investors, Overwolf is a software platform which allows developers to create extensions (a.k.a “Overwolf apps”) for video games. Overwolf apps are used by millions of core gamers, pro-players, and top streamers.

We’re basically a premium publisher with a very unique and unreachable audience - passionate millennial PC-gamers.

We are a fun, energetic company with a great work environment and plenty of growth in our future.


If you’re looking for a meaning in the ads industry, come join us on the publisher’s side!

Yes, you'll be part of a team that tries to maximize fill for every opportunity, but it’s not about numbers & margins, everything you do will directly affect our users, product, company, and ecosystem.

If you like challenges, think about the following: we’re an Israeli-software-publisher serving programmatic video ads on top of PC-games to worldwide users.

Your role encompasses a huge responsibility with daily challenges and glory but also with some routine tasks such as day-to-day optimizations, interacting & negotiating with demand partners, supporting our developer's ecosystem and identifying opportunities to grow.

As a Monetization Manager you'll be responsible for:

  • Overall responsibility for programmatic ads in Overwolf
  • Develop structured and personal relationships with partners
  • Innovate and think of ways we can grow and improve
  • Focal point for ads - work with teams (internal & external) on improving ad experience and provide insights, feedback & support
  • Optimizations and reports – setup new partners and tags, monitor performance, discrepancies, troubleshooting, optimizations, revenue reports etc.


  • Must - at least 2 years of working experience in video advertising in one of the following - SSP, DSP, trading desk, agency, ad network
  • A strong knowledge of market trends, standards and policies (IAB, VAST/VPAID, SSP/DSP, RTB, COPPA, GDPR, Viewability Metrics, Brand Safety etc.)
  • Exceptional troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
  • Organized with attention to details
  • Ability to collaborate with colleagues across different disciplines and locations to achieve results
  • Proven analytical skills, great Excel skills
  • Team player but can also run independently
  • Bonus 1 - Gamer or loves games. We play PC-games twice a week during work hours to test our product. Yeah.. it's tough here, we know.. :)
  • Bonus 2 - Experience with display, header bidding, mobile web, in-app SDKs and mobile mediation layers
  • Bonus 3 - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL
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