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WoT giveaway is over

Hey everyone!

Boy this giveaway was fast. You all overwhelmed us and really came out for that gold!

Unfortunately, we have to close the giveaway earlier than mentioned as the 100,000 keys we were given are already in your hands. We’re very sorry about having to close the World of Tanks 1000 gold giveaway early. In our next giveaway, we will make sure that both the number of keys available as well as other restrictions are properly reflected.

Thank you everyone who participated and downloaded Overwolf. We hope you enjoy both the gold and using Overwolf in your game.

See you in game!
Team Overwolf

  • Sing out and change user to get the giveaway I tried to sing out of his wot acount and log in to mine, buth its still the same, then I tried to swich overwolf acount to new acount and he is still geting the same message.

  • I would really love to get one of these keys next time they are available i have tried for many of them but always miss them its rather disappointing some days

  • I wanted the gold but downloaded the Russian version
    And now that I figured it out the offer expired. SOooooo disappointed. Please make sure that there are more keys next time I have no premium account or premium tanks so it was like a godsend but no more. Heart Break.

  • I completed the time to receive gold but could never get into the giveaways tab to redeem code. Giveaways tab is still not working. Why?

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