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What’s new in 98.211?

Hey guys, here we are again with some cool new features added in the new update.

Web Browser Bookmark Folders – After the previous overhaul and update on the Web Browser, you can now edit bookmarks and add bookmark folders to personalize your browser even further.

Web Browser Popup fix – We have now addressed the pop up bug issue that people have been receiving while visiting certain websites that deliver popups in a certain manner, and now ads will be placed in another tab, This is however a temporary solution until we find a permanent solution.

Quick Undock/Uninstall – In the unlikely event you decide you want to uninstall one of Overwolf’s apps we have made it a whole lot easier. Simply click on the app page, click the little grey gear icon and select Uninstall or Undock - Undocking will remove the app from your Overwolf dock.

That’s it for now, but keep an eye on our blog for further updates about all things Overwolf!

Stay Classy,