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The Guild Wars 2 WvW App Challenge

The gates are soon to be unlocked, a challenge awaits those who dare!

To celebrate the upcoming Guild Wars 2 WvW Fall Tournament we’re adding a new Guild Wars 2 WvW app development category to the TeamSpeak app contest.

So gather your fellow coders and Guild Wars 2 enthusiast buddies, and hammer away at the best WvW app you can make. The app doesn’t have to be TeamSpeak related, but must be useful to WvW players. The Guild Wars 2 WvW challenge is judged by the ArenaNet Community Team and has its own, overly-awesome, prizes:

  • 2,000$ Cash prize
  • SteelSeries GW2 Sensei Mouse
  • SteelSeries GW2 Flux Headset
  • SteelSeries GW2 QcK Mousepad (design may vary)
  • GW2 Collector’s Edition
  • 2000 Gems, straight from the Bloodcliff Quarry

The Mist Wars are calling. Are you up to the challenge?


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