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Overwolf Achievement Rewards – Alienware

Are you up for the challenge?

Score a Triple-Kill in a CS:GO game and get free loot! Our partner, Alienware, will hook you up with a free CS:GO skin if you score a Triple-Kill and share your highlight video. And there’s more!!! You will also get a chance to win a new Alienware 17 gaming laptop bundle with a super-spacious Vindicator backpack!

3 raffles will be held over the next few weeks, each with a grand prize Alienware notebook. Get that Triple-Kill as early as possible to enter all 3 raffles and increase your chances to win this highly-desired gaming laptop!

Overwolf Achievements Rewards program hooks PC players up with real-life gaming products for their in-game achievements if they complete our challenges successfully. This program is available for PC gamers in more than 700 games.

Ready to take the challenge? Download Overwolf and Replay HUD here.

How does it work?

Score a Triple-Kill in CS:GO!

Score a Triple-Kill with Overwolf installed and running during the campaign to win. It’s that easy!

Get your premium Overwolf skin case!

Share your magnificent Triple-Kill video to unlock your very own premium Overwolf skin case code. Your highlight video will be waiting for you in the Overwolf Game Summary once you finish playing. Just hit that share button to show your video highlight with the world!

Enter the raffle to win an Alienware gaming laptop!

GG WP! You are now automatically participating in a raffle to win an Alienware 17 gaming laptop bundled with a backpack!


Train during the week to be ready to grab that sweet Triple-Kill during the weekend! For this achievement rewards, the challenge will be up only on Saturdays and Sundays!

Each weekend, one randomly picked lucky winner will win a high-end gaming laptop provided by Alienware! The winner will be announced on Mondays on our Twitter page. Make sure to tune in to find out if the laptop is yours!

Challenge is UP Raffle winner announcement
Sat, Oct 21 00:00 AM EST - Mon, Oct 23 07:00 AM EST Mon, Oct 23 09:00 AM EST
Sat, Oct 28 00:00 AM EST - Mon, Oct 30 07:00 AM EST Mon, Oct 30 09:00 AM EST
Sat, Nov 04 00:00 AM EST - Mon, Nov 06 07:00 AM EST Mon, Nov 06 09:00 AM EST

More questions?

Find our complete FAQ here: http://support.overwolf.com/knowledge-base/alienware-achievement-reward/
Read more: http://play.overwolf.com/alienware/

Follow CLG builds and get tips in-game with Legendary Builds

We are thrilled to announce we teamed up with CLG to bring you a new dimension to our Legendary Builds app for League of Legends!

CLG is North America’s premier esports organization. They field players that compete at the highest levels in the most popular competitive video games and take pride in creating a culture where nothing is primary over attitude. Their players and staff are the most driven and passionate in the industry.

You can now follow your favorite players’ build strategy and get in-game tips from CLG for League of Legends when using Legendary Builds. Dozens of build guides and personal tips created by the CLG team members await you.

Legendary Builds is available for free in the Overwolf Appstore: http://play.overwolf.com/legendary-builds/

Hunt of the Blood Moon Giveaway

Sharpen your daggers and get ready for the upcoming ‘Hunt of the Blood Moon’ League of Legends game mode! Record your best Play of the Game with our #ReplayHUD app and share it with us to get a chance to win one of the brand-new Blood Moon skin of your choice*! (*Diana, Jhin, Talon or Twisted Fate — you must own the hero already.)

Hunt of the Blood Moon Giveway


  • The “Blood Moon Skin Giveaway” is run by Overwolf and will take place from February 9, 2017 to February 14, 2017.
  • The videos have to be recorded using Replay HUD. The recorded videos by Replay HUD are available in your video folder: \Videos\Overwolf\Replay HUD
  • The videos have to be posted on the Overwolf Facebook page or on Twitter using the #ReplayHUD hashtag to qualify.
  • Participants must “like” the Overwolf page to qualify.
  • Participants must play in either NA (North America), EUW (Europe West) or EUNE (Europe North-East) League of Legends servers to be eligible.
  • Participating and entering in this promotion is considered a complete release of Facebook by each participant. It is also an acknowledgment that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administrated by or associated with Facebook or Twitter.
  • Winners agree to be publicly named on the Overwolf Facebook page.
  • By entering, all eligible participants agree to abide by each and all these terms and conditions.


All eligible entries received during the Submission Period will be gathered into a database at the end of the Submission Period. 3 winners will be chosen. The winners will be announced on or about February 17th. Announcement and instructions to receive the prize will be sent to the winners via private messages.

FPS drops – Solved!

Hey all!

I’m happy to update you that we finally understood what causes FPS drops for some of you. We’ve been working hard at trying to recreate this on over 30 different computers with vastly different specs with no luck. However, we now discovered that there is a Microsoft bug for WPF apps with transparent windows (like Overwolf) which leads to FPS drops in games. Continue