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Skype is down!


Family, friends, we are gathered here today…


My friend, the Skype API, was a great API. He was dearly loved by all developers and made many a user, a happy user. Although he came from simple beginnings, he rose to greatness, though now we must bid him goodbye for now as he moves on to a better place (or so we hope).

As many of you are aware, Skype announced a ways back that they will be removing support for the Skype desktop API. This means that third party apps that use the API to make chats and such, wont work anymore (sadly) which means we have to close our Skype chat app for now. We’ve got our best people working on a solution though so stay tuned!

  • RUS: Да всё правильно они сделали, но если стоит Skype старых версий, которые поддерживают приложения API, может востановить стоит скайп?… потому, что я специально ставил старую версию Skype для того, чтоб использовать приложения!
    Если, что мой Skype – serega_dobosin

  • This sucks… The Skype integration is actually at LEAST 90% of the reason I even got this to begin with. I hate not being able to keep up with important skype stuff in game or being knocked out of the game when someone calls…

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