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Release Notes – 107.2

New Game Summary match navigation!

From now on, you can look back on all the games you’ve played with Overwolf on our Game Summary!

Your games have been divided into two categories so you can find the one specific game you’re looking for very easily.

  • A match is a single battle you had in a game. For example, in League of Legends, a match is a single game with its own KDA and picked champion while in Overwatch a match will always happen in a single map (but you may change your hero in the middle).
  • A session is all the gaming you had, from launching the game until closing it. The session drop-down allows you to navigate between your game sessions, keeping up to 10 previous game sessions, each with its own matches.

For more details regarding our Game Summary, you can read our General Game Summary and our Game Summary Folder Size management articles in our Support Knowledge Base.

Changes and Bug fixes

  • New events were added to our Game Event Provider for Dota2. Check our Overwolf devs website for more details.
  • Overwatch events were fixed to enable the capture of your gaming highlights once again.
  • Small fixes were done to our display ads to prevent memory leaks and potential crashes.
  • Fixed social networks login crash issue.
  • More various improvements and bug fixes to meet your gaming needs.

Happy gaming!