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Release notes 103.2: Overwatch is here

New Overwatch support is here! This version brings big updates to Overwatch players. Here’s what it includes:


  • ReplayHUD support for Overwatch - This means you can now easily use ReplayHUD to recap your latest moves while in game, as well as watch your video highlights in the Game Summary.
  • Game Summary for Overwatch – It’s finally here!
    • Revisit your session highlights (Kills, Assists, Deaths) with auto-captured GIFs or videos.
    • Track your performance and playtime. Find out how you rank compared to the community.
  • Overwatch game events in Overwolf API - If you are a developer and want to start building your own Overwatch app, our API now supports real-time Overwatch events such as Kills, Multi-Kills, Killing Streaks and more. Visit our developers website for more info.


  • Co-existence with other overlay programs - It’s no secret that many overlay programs don’t play nicely when they’re being used  together. However, in our continuous effort to make the gaming world better, we’ve made significant work to improve the in-game experience when running with overlay programs like:
    • Mumble
    • Curse
    • Discord
    • MSI Afterburner
    • Plays.tv
  • Opacity slider – Following your (loud and clear) feedback, we restored the beloved opacity slider for the Overwolf Browser. We also relocated the opacity slider for all apps that support it. It is now available through the title bar at the top of the app.

Coming soon

  • Game summary – Working hard on supporting Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Overwolf skins – Expect to see the much awaited support for skinning Overwolf Windows.
  • Appstore – An exciting design update to the Appstore is on the way.

Stay awesome!   Ililush