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Overwolf version 0.80.20 released!

Hello Overwolf Enthusiasts

This time we bring give-a-ways, yes, you heard it, freeeeeeeeeeeeee stuff!
Strap yourself in and come see how to get your hands on game gold and more.


Announcing the Guild Wars 2 – Overwolf WvW Fall Tournament Contests

gw2 banner

Are you ready for more Guild Wars 2?

Last month, we partnered with ArenaNet to see who could develop the best app for World vs. World in the Overwolf WvW App Challenge. Some awesome apps were created by you all, and you can now download them from the Appstore!

After our awesome partnership on the Guild Wars 2 WvW App Challenge, we’re at it again with Guild Wars 2 and give you two new contests taking place during the Guild Wars 2 WvW Fall Tournament of 2014!


Overwolf WvW Streaming Contest

Here, you will be challenged to get the most number of concurrent viewers on your Twitch channel during the contest. The top winner will win some SteelSeries peripherals and a bounty of 8000 Guild Wars 2 Gems! By entering the contest and streaming using the Overwolf app, your entry will be displayed on the Overwolf leaderboards.

Check the Overwolf WvW Streaming Contest page and get the full scoop and how to enter!


Overwolf WvW War Reporter Contest

Our second contest is one where you are challenged to create a “War Report” video that discusses (or showcases) the week’s events (or slaughter) in the WvW Fall Tournament! Use the Overwolf Video recorder to share your video on YouTube to enter the contest. Each week, a winner will be selected to win 5000 gems. All entries will be judged by the Guild wars 2 Community Team.

Check the Overwolf WvW War Reporter Contest page for more info and how to enter!

Overwolf version 0.79.21 released!

Aloha dear friends!

I’ve chosen to greet you in Hawaiian because the air conditioning in my work area decided to take a nice long break and I’m now the prisoner of heat and despair. So in order to escape my prison, I’m imagining a nice tropical island with refreshing, ice-cold drinks… Ahhhh…

Enough with random ramblings and on with what’s new in this version: Continue

The Guild Wars 2 WvW App Challenge

The gates are soon to be unlocked, a challenge awaits those who dare!

To celebrate the upcoming Guild Wars 2 WvW Fall Tournament we’re adding a new Guild Wars 2 WvW app development category to the TeamSpeak app contest.

So gather your fellow coders and Guild Wars 2 enthusiast buddies, and hammer away at the best WvW app you can make. The app doesn’t have to be TeamSpeak related, but must be useful to WvW players. The Guild Wars 2 WvW challenge is judged by the ArenaNet Community Team and has its own, overly-awesome, prizes:

  • 2,000$ Cash prize
  • SteelSeries GW2 Sensei Mouse
  • SteelSeries GW2 Flux Headset
  • SteelSeries GW2 QcK Mousepad (design may vary)
  • GW2 Collector’s Edition
  • 2000 Gems, straight from the Bloodcliff Quarry

The Mist Wars are calling. Are you up to the challenge?

Overwolf version 0.78.34 released!

Hello and welcome to another episode of “Overwolf – Version Update”!

This version is quite feature packed, but before I go on listing all the new stuff you can play with, a quick word from our sponsors:

First of all, we finally got our new SDK out. To celebrate it, we partnered up with TeamSpeak, got great prizes from SteelSeries and Tobii, and launched an app development contest.
Another great thing I’d like to share with you is our League of Legends tournament, go see who’s already got past the qualifiers. Continue

TeamSpeak and Overwolf bring the League of Legends Challenger scene to Gamescom!


Bringing the Challenger scene to you!

TeamSpeak and Overwolf together with FACEIT will be at Gamescom this year to organize a $15,000 League of Legends Challenger tournament. Gamescom, Europe’s largest games convention, is taking place this year from 13-17 August, in Cologne, Germany.  The prizes will be: Continue

Overwolf version 0.76.1 released!

New Overwolf version – the TouchFox edition!

A blessed day to ya’ll!

It’s been ages since I last wrote…
I won’t keep you long this time, and just tell you that our virtual touch controllers (branded TouchFox) have come out of beta, and are now available for purchase on the Green Man Gaming store, alongside your favorite games. Continue

Overwolf version 0.53.394 released!


Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s time to unleash your inner Scorspeilberg with the Overwolf video recorder update.
Some of you might be excited beyond what’s humanly possible, as it’s been the most requested feature for some time now, but I’ll ask you to hold off on fainting, as we don’t have the appropriate medical insurance.

The updated video recorder features: Continue

Overwolf version 0.51.325 released!


Break into your dad’s liqueur cabinet, get a couple of kegs, as much junk food as you can get your hands on, about 5 cases of energy drinks, and get ready for a streaming party.
Twitch finally made its way into Overwolf!

Some of you may have found Twitch hiding (perhaps not so well) in our previous version. This time around it’s definitely not hiding, and it also received great features, for your streaming pleasure: Continue

New Faceit app in the app store!


Check out the new Faceit app!

Overwolf is proud to present a new app with Faceit!
FACEIT is the premier destination for gamers to compete on their favourite games for cash, points and prizes. They allow gamers to easily play tournaments and leagues and get rewarded for their efforts and skills with real life prizes. Continue