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What’s new in 98.211?

Hey guys, here we are again with some cool new features added in the new update.

Web Browser Bookmark Folders – After the previous overhaul and update on the Web Browser, you can now edit bookmarks and add bookmark folders to personalize your browser even further.

Web Browser Popup fix – We have now addressed the pop up bug issue that people have been receiving while visiting certain websites that deliver popups in a certain manner, and now ads will be placed in another tab, This is however a temporary solution until we find a permanent solution.

Quick Undock/Uninstall – In the unlikely event you decide you want to uninstall one of Overwolf’s apps we have made it a whole lot easier. Simply click on the app page, click the little grey gear icon and select Uninstall or Undock - Undocking will remove the app from your Overwolf dock.

That’s it for now, but keep an eye on our blog for further updates about all things Overwolf!

Stay Classy,


What’s new in 98.14?

Hey guys!

Here we are again to drop you some Fantastic news!

So hold onto your seats.

Game Summary

DOTA 2 Game Summary support - We did it! We finally made it! And now DOTA 2 in-game events can be viewed in the game summary, so now you can finally save and rewind all your glorious kills as well as your shameful deaths! So go and try it out and let us know what you think.

DOTA 2 GIF Replay Support - In the event you haven’t downloaded Replay HUD you can now view your replays in the Game Summary in GIF form.

LoL Assist Events – When your match has finished the Game Summary will display all of your assists which is perfect for some after-game reflection.. Or just see how such a good team player you are!

Bug Fixes

Dock Drag 4K Fix - When the dock goes below screen boundaries as it was being dragged from a 4k screen to a 1080p screen it would suffer issues, this issue has now been fixed. We have also resolved some inaccurate dock positioning while dragging.

Work in progress

We have been hearing to a lot of player requests and are currently working towards the following:

Rocket League in-game events – capturing goals and saves will be re-playable and be integrated into the Game Summary.

LoL Garena – We are now working on fully supporting LoL Garena, the LoL client for South East Asia


What’s new in 97.305

Hey guys! We have made some updates and bug fixes, you peeps should probably check it out.

Game Compatibility

Rocket League Game Events – Overwolf now recognizes in-game events such as Goals, Assists and many more, here’s a full list. These events can be used for developing new apps, and for use in Replay HUD and the Game Summary, stay tuned for more to come!


Web Browser update – you can now click on links that open a popup window.

Tray menu not working on startup - A few of our users reported that when they tried to boot their PC they were unable to open Overwolf from the tray icon, this issue has been fixed.

Replay Hud

Excluded LoL champions – Replay HUD should not capture ults of certain champions in League of Legends (Champions who can frequently use the Ult R Key such as Teemo). We have fixed a bug that caused unnecessary captures

Game Summary

Temporary Performance fix-  Due to a performance issue some users have been experiencing, we decided to reduce the size of the Game Summary window. In order to improve stability we have also disabled the maximize button. This is only a temporary fix and we are currently working on improving the Game Summary’s performance.


Overlay fail fallback – If the overlay has any errors it will now automatically fall back on other techniques to ensure that the overlay will run without fail.

Stay Classy.


What’s New in 97.209?

Hey Guys!

So what’s new in 97.209?

Brand new Web Browser of AWESOME!

It’s happened! We FINALLY integrated Bookmarks into our Browser.
After many requests we’re proud to present our brand new web browser supporting bookmarks and many performance and UI improvements. The bookmarks support is still in its initial phase, as we wanted to get it out to you as soon as possible. In the coming weeks you can expect more bookmark related such as folder support, customization and more. So stay tuned folks!


Replay HUD

Recording Replays for DOTA 2 – Many people have been requesting this and it’s been a long time coming, but now Replay HUD is compatible with DOTA 2 and is able to capture all your Kills/Deaths/Ults. Simply press Shift + F9 to watch your replays in-game or CTRL + Shift + F9 to watch them later.

Recording ULTs in LoL – Replay HUD is now able to capture all of your ultimate uses while in-game. Re-watching your ult uses is a great way to learn when they were most effective and how you can improve your ult usage.

Logitech LED Keyboards – Logitech LED keyboards will now light up in sync with your replays when using Replay HUD, now you can see your ghost (Boooo) replay keystrokes in-game.


Improvements & bug fixes

Brand new Window Dragging implementation – We have dramatically improved the movement of windows while ingame, much more fluidity while opening Overwolf apps.

We have also made other performance improvements as well as bug fixes and minor tweaks.

Stay Classy,


Introducing Killer Voices!

Getting tired of the same old announcers? And want to spice things up and have a bit more fun?

Then be sure to download Killer Voices and add some personality and hilarity to your games.

There are lots of voice packs available from the get-go such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Simpsons, Team Fortress 2 as well as Quake and many MANY more on the way.

The app is currently compatible with League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive and will support DOTA 2 and Overwatch among many others to be added in the near future.

We are also proud to present a whole new bunch of voice packs from famous eSport personalities such as Sneaky from Cloud9 and as well as the fabulous Dyrus.

So without further a mention, check out killer voices here, be sure to download it and give it a try! Check out Killer Voices in action in the video below!

Thanks for viewing guys!

Game on!


Introducing the new Overwolf logo!

Greetings fellow gamers,

Today we’re proudly introducing a new logo! Why are we doing this now?

As gamers, our mission at Overwolf has always been to build a platform of apps that is helpful, and makes gaming even more exciting and fun. We started out with apps that help you stay in-game, like the Browser, Music player and TeamSpeak Overlay.

Together with you, we’ve been watching the gaming industry evolve, and were blown away by the rise of eSports and competitive gaming. Thanks to your feedback, we started focusing on apps that help you improve your skills when playing competitive games. Apps like Replay HUD, LoLwiz, HearthArena Companion, CS:GO Stats, DotaPlus and many more.

It was your amazing response to these apps, and their wide adoption by renowned pros like Sneaky, Kripp and NB3 to name a few, that gave us the confidence to redefine our mission – Overwolf is here to help you become a better gamer!

To help us reflect this evolution, we felt that our logo and tagline should evolve as well.

So here is our new logo. We like to think of it as a cross between a super-hero and a warrior-wolf. It’s your fierce teammate that is always there for you at the right moment, helping you get the job done.

Our new tagline is “Enjoy winning”: “Winning”, because it’s our goal, and “Enjoy”, because the road to victory is just as important.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for being a part of the Overwolf community. Your ongoing feedback and support have been driving us to constantly improve our platform, as we continue the journey to make Overwolf the best in-game companion for you.

Yours truly,
Uri Marchand,
Overwolf CEO

Help us improve Overwolf – get RP or Steam Digital Wallet Code!

Calling all wolvers – the FPS Challenge is on!

In the past few weeks we’ve received some reports from a small number of users, experiencing an occasional FPS drop when Overwolf is running. Since this issue seems to affect a very small number of users, it is still not clear to us whether it is related to Overwolf or not. Nonetheless, we don’t mess around when it comes to FPS complaints. It is our top priority to ensure that this is never an issue for any Overwolf user.

So, we would like to offer you, our trusted users, a challenge:
The first 25 users who can prove to us that Overwolf causes FPS drops, in contrary to not using Overwolf, will get $10 worth of Riot Points or a $10 Steam Wallet code (whichever you choose).

To participate in the challenge, please make sure to follow the instructions below.

Thank you for helping us improve Overwolf!
Let the games begin…

Overwolf medic

I would like to participate in the FPS Challenge – What should I do?

  1. Close other programs:
    Close all third-party programs that may use game resources, such as Raptr, PlaysTV, Mumble, Dolby axon, VcsCore, RBTray etc.
  2. Take a video of your game FPS without Overwolf:
    Make sure Overwolf is closed. Play an Overwolf supported game for at least 2-3 minutes, or until your game FPS stabilizes. Take a short video of your screen using your mobile phone. Please do not use a PC program to video capture your screen to avoid affecting your FPS.
  3. Take a video of your game FPS when Overwolf is running:
    Run Overwolf. Play the same game for at least 2-3 minutes, or until your game FPS stabilizes. If FPS drops occur, take a short video of your screen showing the FPS drops. Again, please use your mobile phone to take the video.
  4. Send us your videos:
    Send your videos to support@overwolf.com. Subject your email: “FPS Challenge Accepted”.
  5. Help us figuring it out:
    Once your email is received, you will be contacted by our support team. We will need your cooperation in sending us Overwolf log files, and possibly in setting up a remote session, so we could observe and investigate the issue.
  6. Go shopping:
    So what will it be, RP or Steam Code? Choose your preferred way and get $10 for your gaming adventures. Don’t spend it all at one place…

Itty bitty version is out!

Hey there Wolvers!

We’ve released a tiny version, with a minor Robocraft texture fix.

Just wanted to let you know.

Stay frosty!


It’s time! New version is out!

How’s it shaking, Overwolvers?

We released our latest version which introduces something so awesome, it’s creating it’s own sauce!

  • This amazing feature is going to be all the rage, and is now in BETA
  • It’s only phase one, and already gives you some amazing insights into your sessions. In the future it will allow customization, and will provide awesome information about your gameplay.

If you’re one of the lucky BETA users, you should be able to see the potential of this amazing app


We also fixed some bugs, such as the Hotkeys tab being empty and solved issues with double app icons.

Stay frosty!


New from Overwolf labs – RealSense by Intel!

Hey there Overwolf Streamers!

It’s time to say NO to the green screen…

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve added support for Intel’s RealSense technology.

From now on, when you stream using the TwitchTv application, you can use your RealSense webcam and our app will allow you to remove your background. Magic!

You can find this option in the Settings menu, under Devices (make sure it recognizes your Intel webcam).

And now you’re thinking “What if I want my own custom background, huh?”.

You got it! You can add your own custom image as a background in the apps’ settings.

Hit us up if you want to share a cool background you streamed with!