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Release notes 107.36


  • New CEF version to improve the overall performances of all our apps.
  • The Game Summary performances have been also drastically improved as it is now a native window.
  • We are now receiving live reports for any issues you might have with Overwolf not showing in your game. This small change will help us react faster to any upcoming report.

See you in-game!

Introducing extensions for Twitch!

The Best Way to Watch and Interact on Twitch!

Streamers and viewers are already downloading the newest and latest extensions for Twitch by Overwolf app developers.

Get stat overviews of your favorite streamers on games like LoL and Rocket League. Live stream emotes straight to video. And whatever you do, don’t kill your new Kappa Pet!

Where Can I Find Them?

The extensions are now available for all streamers and viewers! Look for the video overlay to start interacting with them or simply scroll down and look for the interactive panel below the video stream.

Two different types of extensions are available:

  • Panels – These extensions are available below the video stream next to the general information of the streamers.
  • Video Overlays – Interact with these extensions directly in the video stream.

Twitch Extension

Look What’s Coming to Your Next Twitch Stream!

Summoner Info

Get updated stats on your favorite LoL streamer from Twitch without alt-tabbing out. The Summoner Info panel shows your streamer’s current champion, their most played champion based on Mastery score, Runes and Masteries for the current match, PLUS their ranking and a brief summary of their last ranked matches with their current champion.
Learn more about Summoner Info: http://play.overwolf.com/summoner-info/

PUBG Tracker

Players Unknown Battleground Tracker shows real-time streamer rankings in Solo, Duo, and Squad game modes either as a video overlay or in a separate panel. A complete match history is also available so you can follow your favorite streamer as he or she dominates their way to the very top!

Rocket League Tracker

Get updated stats on your favorite Rocket League streamers from within Twitch! The panel relays information on ranked matches and lets you follow their progression and keeps track of their number of wins, saves, goals and shots.

Destiny Tracker

No more “What’s your gear?” spam in the chat! The Destiny Tracker extension by Tracker Network adds a panel to Twitch which displays the streamer’s current gear as well as their progress in the different missions.

Live Emote Reactions

React to the stream by pushing emotes live directly inside the video stream! Place a beautiful flow of live emotes with the other viewers on the video. Size, positioning, and cooldown are all completely customizable by the streamer.

Kappa Pet

Interact with the streamer’s chosen emote in this extension panel. This emote is alive and it responds to love — try interacting with it! The longer the streamer is live, the more the emote will evolve and new options will unlock!  If an emote doesn’t get any attention for a long period of time, it dies.

To learn more and discover Twitch extensions, visit https://www.twitch.tv/p/extensions

Release notes 106.220

Bug fixes and changes

  • New Facelift for our Game Summary! This brand-new interface is not only more modern but will also allow us to add more upgrades to the Game Summary in the future.
  • The appstore is now desktop only and will not open during your gaming sessions anymore.
  • Performance and optimization improvements to meet your gaming needs.

Game on!

Release notes 106.20

Game Summary update

  • You asked for it, we did it! You now have the option to set the auto-launch of the Game Summary to off for the games you are not interested in.
  • A notification will appear when the Game Summary is ready if the auto-launch option is set to off. You can disable this notification in the Game Summary options.
  • Minecraft is no more supported by the Game Summary but more games are on their way!

Bug fixes and changes

  • The FPS counter is now turned off by default for new Overwolf gamers.
  • The home button and search button on the Overwolf appstore now work as intended.
  • As usual, the wolf pack has also been focusing on performance and optimization improvements to meet your gaming needs.


Release notes 105.323

This week’s patch is also a pretty small patch overall. The wolf pack has been focusing on performance and optimization improvements so you can be at the top of your game!

See you on the battlefields!

Release notes 105.214

Longer media in our Game Summary

We’ve heard your requests to make the videos in our Game Summary longer to capture the full essence of your favorite highlights. All your greatest in-game moments are now recorded for much longer!

This new update is currently tested only on Game Summary medias and will be updated to ReplayHUD videos in a later patch.

New supported games

  • Conan Exiles
  • Mass Effect Andromeda
  • H1Z1: King of the Kill
  • TEKKEN 7
  • Friday the 13th The Game
  • Might & Magic Heroes VII


Bug Fixes

As usual, the wolf pack has also been focusing this week on performance and optimization improvements to meet your gaming needs.

Release notes 105.46

New UI facelift for our appstore!

Check out our new look!New UI Facelift

Our appstore is getting a completely revamped user interface! It is now cleaner and a more modern version of the Overwolf appstore we know and love.

New features

  • A new support app is now available in your Overwolf dock. This app currently allows you to have easily and quickly access the Overwolf settings and our help center. In the future, gamers will also be able to use this app to contact us for assistance.
  • A brand new first user experience is available for new players using Overwolf for the first time.

Bug fixes

  • Missing thumbnails (aka black thumbnails) in the Game Summary have been fixed!
  • Improved the stability in order to avoid app crashes.
  • Performance and optimization improvements to meet your gaming needs.

Game on!

Follow CLG builds and get tips in-game with Legendary Builds

We are thrilled to announce we teamed up with CLG to bring you a new dimension to our Legendary Builds app for League of Legends!

CLG is North America’s premier esports organization. They field players that compete at the highest levels in the most popular competitive video games and take pride in creating a culture where nothing is primary over attitude. Their players and staff are the most driven and passionate in the industry.

You can now follow your favorite players’ build strategy and get in-game tips from CLG for League of Legends when using Legendary Builds. Dozens of build guides and personal tips created by the CLG team members await you.

Legendary Builds is available for free in the Overwolf Appstore: http://play.overwolf.com/legendary-builds/

Release notes 104.210

This new Overwolf version mainly focused on our beloved End Game Summary. Here are the newest additions:

  • New improved GIFs are now available in the End Game Summary! These new GIFs not only highly improve the overall performance but are also smoother and lighter than the previous ones. Your best moves will now be automatically recorded in a better quality, don’t be afraid to share them with us or with your friends!
  • Added Stanza to the End Game Summary. Stanza is the easy way to follow up your favorite’s game upcoming events.

This update also introduces the regular minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Rock on! We can’t wait to see your best moves and moments recorded with our new GIFcam.

Release notes 104.1

It’s a pretty small patch overall. The wolf pack has been focusing this week on performance and optimization improvements to meet your gaming needs.

Rock on and see you on the battlefields!