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TryHard – Now compatible with Smite and Paladins

Overwolf’s game coins app lets you earn coin simply by watching videos that you can then trade for in-game purchases! We call it “TryHard” because you have to try really hard not to become a goldaholic when using it.

We are very excited to inform you that we have added Smite and Paladins to our supported games!

How it works:

  • Download the TryHard app from the Overwolf appstore.
  • Create an account with TryHard by choosing a nickname, a password and entering your email address.
  • Watch interactive ad content or ad videos.
  • Get free coins.

It’s THAT simple! You can even watch both an interactive ad and regular ad videos at the same to optimize your earnings! Unleash the power of the coins!

Supported games and trades:

  • League of Legends – Trade 5000 coins for 650 free RP.
  • CS:GO – Trade 1000 coins for a 1 EUR discount on all skins
  • Warface – Trade 1670 coins for 20 Kredits
  • Robocraft – Traded 300 coins for 1 Protonium Salvage Crate
  • WarThunder – Trade 230 coins for 50 Golden Eagles
  • Path of Exiles – Trade 900 coins for 10 points

…and the two new games added to the TryHard family!

  • Paladins – Trade 550 coins for 15 Crystals
  • Smite – Trade 550 coins for 15 Gems

Supported countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Is it legit?

Yes! We partner directly with publishers and legit marketplaces to bring you the best experience.

More questions?

Please find our complete TryHard FAQ here.

Make it rain!

make it money

Introducing Overwolf Achievements Rewards

Overwolf Achievements Rewards program hooks PC players up with real life gaming products for their in-game achievements if they complete our challenges successfully. This program is available for PC gamers in more than 700 games.

Each event will have a different sponsor with different challenges and different prizes.

Take this challenge!

We have partnered with Boomeo to bring you this week’s challenge. Crush enemies and get 3 kills in a single competitive run in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive during the live event in order to get your reward. A free premium CS:GO training content created by pro players from all around the world awaits you!

The Boomeo live event will take place from March 26th until April 9th, 2017.


  • Highly digestible short-form videos
  • Constantly updated training content
  • Full strategy breakdowns & executions
  • Tips, tricks, nades and fundamentals
  • Complete aim improvement course

How does it work?

Requirements of participation:

  • You need to be at least 18+ years old.
  • Have Overwolf installed, running and updated to its latest version.
  • Launch your copy of legit CS:GO game.
  • Make sure your Overwolf Game Summary window is enabled.

Where do I start?

  1. Start a competitive match in CS:GO.
  2. Once the round starts, you should get a challenge notification telling you which action to perform and what will be your reward. Please note that even if you missed the notification, you are still eligible to complete the challenge.
  3. Once you completed the challenge, you will receive a second notification telling you to go ahead and redeem your reward on your Game Summary window.
  4. The Game Summary window will direct you to share your challenge achievement – DO IT!
  5. Sign in to your Facebook account and approve Boomeo’s request to post on your wall, continue by sharing your epic replay.
  6. Once your video is shared successfully, you will receive a reward link in the Game Summary. Go back to your Game Summary window and click on the redeem link (If you closed the window, just right click the Overwolf tray icon and go to ‘Game Summary’)

Find our complete FAQ here:  http://support.overwolf.com/knowledge-base/boomeo-reward/

Version 103.1 release notes: Go CS:GO


  • CS:GO real-time events  - App developers, this one is for you. Our Game Events Provider now supports new real-time events for CS:GO:
  1. Map name
  2. Game mode
  3. Bomb defused / exploded (today we have only “planted”)
  4. Match end (today we have only match start)

We expect you guys to deliver some new kick ass apps with this, don’t let us down.


  • Browser -We’ve tweaked our browser, fixing and making it a dapper browser. We’ve also continued working on our infrastructure to make it faster in more stable.


There were some, and they were Crushed! Hurray QA!

In the next weeks we hope to bring you some much anticipated Overwatch news, so stay tuned!

Happy spring,




Streamer Spotlight – MasonRL90

MasonRL90-blogsizeCongratulations Mason for reaching Champion in Rocket League Solo Standard!

Not only Mason is a real champ at ‘Rocket League‘ but he is also very involved with his community and uploads advanced tutorials on YouTube. What a dude, really!

Mason focus primarily on ‘Rocket League‘ but also streams ‘H1Z1: King of the Kill‘ once in a while.

We simply just can’t get enough of Mason! Join us and check him out for creative and unique Rocket League tutorials and content! Don’t be shy and come tell him “hi!”

Mason’s Twitch channel: MasonRL90
Mason’s YouTube channel: MasonRL90 – Rocket League Tips
Mason’s Twitter page: @MasonRL90



Is Overwolf going to get me banned?

It is a top priority for us to be compliant with any game’s terms of service (“ToS”) and to not be intrusive. With that in mind, we are working closely with game publishers to ensure that every app we publish is aligned with their ToS and their 3rd party policies.

Our apps are overlays giving you more information about the game to help you create your own strategy. They do nothing more than a second monitor would do for you. It’s like having Notepad or Fraps open while you play — Overwolf doesn’t interact with any game, and is not bannable.

Overwolf is trusted by pros like Cloud9, Team Liquid and Logitech Gaming. We have 1.5 millions active users monthly who trust our platform.

Make sure that you are using an Overwolf app by downloading it directly from our appstore available at http://store.overwolf.com/apps/

TL;DR: Using Overwolf will not get you banned.














Hunt of the Blood Moon Giveaway

Sharpen your daggers and get ready for the upcoming ‘Hunt of the Blood Moon’ League of Legends game mode! Record your best Play of the Game with our #ReplayHUD app and share it with us to get a chance to win one of the brand-new Blood Moon skin of your choice*! (*Diana, Jhin, Talon or Twisted Fate — you must own the hero already.)

Hunt of the Blood Moon Giveway


  • The “Blood Moon Skin Giveaway” is run by Overwolf and will take place from February 9, 2017 to February 14, 2017.
  • The videos have to be recorded using Replay HUD. The recorded videos by Replay HUD are available in your video folder: \Videos\Overwolf\Replay HUD
  • The videos have to be posted on the Overwolf Facebook page or on Twitter using the #ReplayHUD hashtag to qualify.
  • Participants must “like” the Overwolf page to qualify.
  • Participants must play in either NA (North America), EUW (Europe West) or EUNE (Europe North-East) League of Legends servers to be eligible.
  • Participating and entering in this promotion is considered a complete release of Facebook by each participant. It is also an acknowledgment that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administrated by or associated with Facebook or Twitter.
  • Winners agree to be publicly named on the Overwolf Facebook page.
  • By entering, all eligible participants agree to abide by each and all these terms and conditions.


All eligible entries received during the Submission Period will be gathered into a database at the end of the Submission Period. 3 winners will be chosen. The winners will be announced on or about February 17th. Announcement and instructions to receive the prize will be sent to the winners via private messages.

Version 102.2 release notes: World Of Tanks is in the house

Great news for all you tankers out there, this version is packed with features especially for you:

  • Game Summary – Get the most out of your WoT sessions
    Some of you may have already met this feature when it was in closed Beta, but it is now open for all WoT players.Overwolf Game Summary now supports World of Tanks: GIF highlights of game events, APM tracking, usage vs. community and more.
  • Replay HUD – In-game instant replays for WoT
    Replay HUD now supports World of Tanks – video capturing on kill, one shot kill and death, are now available for immediate replay with ReplayHUD installed.

If you are an app developer, Game Events Provider now supports WoT events (Game mode, Kill, One-shot Kill, Death, Damage, Assisted kill). You can now use our API to build WOT applications based on those game events.

Have an idea or a question? Talk to us!




Version 102.1 release notes: Every bug, a butterfly

We’ve listened to your feedback, and have set out to seek and destroy a bulk of pesky bugs. It’s still a few months until spring, but that doesn’t mean that we are hibernating: stay tuned for a big update on Overwatch, and many more goodies. via GIPHY cheers, Ililush

Version 101.2 Release notes: improvements and bug fixes

Good morning wolflings,

This version is all about improving the Overwolf experience and applying some much needed bugs fixes.  

New thingy!  

We’re not calling you fat, we’re just saying you have a whole lot of pixels

For all of you high resolutioners, Maximize window mode now supports screens above full HD resolution, so we can Maximize Overwolf windows to fit your whole screen.

More on the way:


Game summary bonanza! Overwatch, World of tanks and Hearthstone gamers, look up!  We have Game Summary coming your way, with recaps, highlights, and APM data.

See you on the other side of this version,


Version 101.1 Release notes: big performance update

Happy 2017 everyone,

News from the performance front – our brave R&D team have upgraded our CEF version (Chromium Embedded Framework – the engine behind our platform), and that means across the board performance improvement. In short, our security is now tighter, our browser is faster, and our stability enhanced. R&D team, you rock.


We’ve also updated our browser and it’s now bookmarking and shooting shortcuts like crazy!

Here are the new shortcuts we’ve added for your in-game pleasure:

  • Reload page – Ctrl + R
  • Show/hide bookmarks bar – Ctrl + Shift + B
  • Bookmark this page – Ctrl + D
  • Redo text edit within an input textbox – Ctrl + Shift + Z

In the settings drop down menu:

  • Show bookmarks bar – Ctrl + Shift + B
  • Bookmark this page – Ctrl + D

That’s it for today folks. For any questions, feedback, issues or general holiday rant – we’re here for you, just drop us a comment below.

Live long and prosper