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Overwolf version 0.24.141 released!

Hey friends,

We have a new version release today. I assume that you guys want to know more, right?

So this is what we have for you:

1) New games supported (You can find the Full Game List here):

  • Back to the Future: The Game: Episode 1
  • Trickster
  • Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
  • Grand Chase
  • Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012

2) Bugs fixes and performance improvements.

Also, we have a new way for you to get updated, even in-game. How? simply join our Steam Group!

This is it for now! But… We have a surprise for you. If you want to know what it is, please visit our Blog and Forums in the next few days.

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Rock on!!

Overwolf version 0.23.138 released!


A quick release featuring a major upgrade to our in-game chromium based browser. It’s now much more resource efficient!

As always several bugs were fixed and new games are supported.

Following Overwolf spirit, a nice zombie style hello picture by some of us:

Gil Or
Lead Developer

Overwolf version 0.20.132 released!

Howdy Overwolf friends,

I’m happy to announce the next release of Overwolf. The last 3 weeks were very intense since we are dealing with a major increase of users. I will use the opportunity to greet all the staff here, and specially our new recruit, the superman guy, Dr. Ezra Hoch who’ve worked hard to create our very own steam chat widget!

So what do we have for you this time:

1. Steam chat! Use this in-game steam chat widget to stay in touch with your steam fellows while playing games. Though this widget will work better when you are not using the steam client as it wont allow you to connect with the same account twice.

2. The settings window has been redesigned and improved significantly. As so many new features added lately, we had the urge to upgrade the settings logic, so some of the tabs and settings have been reorganized, I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for over there.

3. Video recorder has been improved significantly! It works smoother now and does support playback audio recording for Windows 7, so the era of silent videos is over now!

4. The Gmail widget now points to the new and improved Gmail website.

5. As always, bugs were fixed and new games are supported!

I know that we’ve received lots of requests for other awesome widgets that yet to be developed, we are listening to everyone and here to stay to bring you the best in-game widgets, so stay tuned!

Until the next release,
Yours truly,
Gil Or
Lead Developer

Overwolf version 0.18.125 released!

Helloa Overwolf’s friends,

I’m, happy to announce yet another and quick version release. The facebook widget has been redesigned completely and is now wearing the new cool outfit like the rest of our widgets! As always lots of bug fixes and new games become supported such as Project Blackout. Check our new online supported game list for updates!

Thanks for your warm support and great feedback.

Until the next version – Salut!

Gil Or
Lead Developer

Yay! SuperMan has joined Overwolf!

Ezra die Übermensch

I’m very happy to tell you guys that the Clark Kent of software programming, Dr. Ezra Hoch, has joined Overwolf, filling the position of VP of R&D. This means that our Magician (Nir) is now CTO. And with Ezra, Gil and Nir on board – we can probably do stuff for NASA… or even better – keep on bringing the good stuff to games!

Now let me tell you guys… this guy can code. He’s been coding since the age 10 (!), was responsible for complex (top secret) intelligence projects, and even did a PhD in Computer science.

Some interesting facts about this guy:

  • Favorite games ever: Star control 2 and Master of Orion.
  • He likes to read about the Roman Empire.
  • Like my grandma, he likes knitting.

On the more personal level, Ezra is also a good friend of mine and we’ve already worked together on several projects. I’m happy to have him on board, and I wish him the best of luck.

Thanks for reading!

Uri Marchand, CEO at Overwolf.

Overwolf version 0.17.122 action release!

Exciting news, our beloved gamer scoundrels,
Overwolf’s new version is out there, and we’ve got plenty of shiny new updates for you to behold:

1. Ok, because you’ve completely flooded our mail boxes with unfathomable amounts of nagging requests about the video recordings, we present to you the “Full-Size video”, allowing you to record High-Quality videos, while setting the FPS yourself! Can you stop devastating our mails now?

2. A new and better detailed game list, now sorting between OS, and constantly updated with our latest supported games. So make sure to obsessively look for your favorite game, BLANK!

3. Speaking of games, we’ve read some of your mails (yes, we can read), and we now support some of your most requested games, such as Age of Conan, MapleStory, and more!

4. The incredible Youtube widget! Now you can  navigate through your favorite Youtube videos, such as the unholy “Nyan Cat”, with extra ease and without ever leaving your game!

5. Don’t want Overwolf’s dock (the little half circle thingy stuck to the side) to expand while hovering over it? We understand… You can now choose to open Overwolf’s dock with a click instead, and watch the magic in action. (Just configure this in settings > General).

And don’t forget the usual bug fixes and other technobabble that they never fully explain to me.

Rock on guys…. Rock on to the max.

Overwolf Hot Fix!

Hello fellow gamers,

Some of you complained that the latest version of Overwolf doesn’t work with World Of Warcraft, Runes Of Magic and some other games.

It happens to *some* of the users because we’ve added support for DirectX11. (If you use steam, you probably didn’t experience this).

So don’t worry, we are on it in full throttle and it will be fixed for  Overwolf’s next version.

In the meantime, to quickly solve this issue, Please install DirectX End-User Runtime, which is a harmless directx extension library.


All the best!

/Gil Or/

Lead Developer


Overwolf version 0.15.115 released!

Hello gamers friends…

Another version with lots of new surprises inside:

  1. Overwolf in-game Messenger widget!
  2. Skype widget redesign
  3. As requested by many beloved users, Skype Conference panel has been separated from the window.
  4. If your friends are also using the In-game messenger widget, you will be able to see what your friends are playing!
  5. As usual, lots of bug fixings and new games supported.

More to come soon, Stay tuned.

Gil Or

Lead Developer

Beta Testers Needed!

Overwolf’s development team is working LONG hours, making huge progress in removing all major bugs and adding support for as many games in the Overwolf client! However, this progress comes with a price – the development team is tired, hungry, and they keep complaining about the cold when we lock them in the office overnight. This, of course, is unacceptable, and we are doing our best to find new and innovative ways of keeping our developers from escaping and calling the police. In the meantime we need you, our core users, to fire up Overwolf and play videogames!

Beta testers are needed for locating bugs and glitches and passing the information along to our development team for a closer look. “But Overwolf is free to download even during it’s beta!” you say? Yes, Overwolf is free, and is still in it’s Beta stage, however, we need to organize a small army of beta testers who will have access to new Overwolf version releases before they go public and make sure nothing catches fire while they play.

So, if you are an organized individual (Or clan/guild) who enjoys playing videogames and is willing to do so while taking notes about Overwolf, we want to hear from you! please contact us at Team@overwolf.com or Leon.Brin@overwolf.com if you are interested in joining the team, or if you have any questions about Beta Testing.

Thank you for your continued support!

Frag on!

PTR (Push to Record) Video

I bet many of you, who haven’t tried it yet, are wondering what exactly is the new Push to Record feature we presented in version 0.5.63 of Overwolf.

Push to Record is exactly what it sounds. When you enable the PTR recording mode (the default is off) in the settings screen, you also choose a trigger hotkey and a time interval. This means whenever you click on that trigger Overwolf will record your gameplay for the amount of time you specified and then stop. Yes – push to record :).

Overwolf will then collect all of these small recordings and make a really cool video that will show off the most important events in the game (usually your rifle trigger, your knife, or anything else you choose to show).

Here’s an example of a cool video made with Overwolf’s PTR feature: