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Overwolf version 0.90.11 released!


Another video recording update!

In our effort to up the stability and reliability of Overwolf, we made this update all about the video recorder. We pushed some serious work into our Game Capture and squashed quite some pesky bugs for you all. Here’s the low down on what we fixed in our Game Capture software for people getting videos that are just black screens:

  • X.264 Encoder – We’ve been getting reports of people telling us that they get videos that are just black screens when using the x.264 encoder – no more. We found the bug that caused this for people and it’s now gone.
  • Recording on switchable devices – You should no longer get black screens in your videos at all on these types of computers. This is for those who are using Overwolf on laptops or desktops with a multi-display adapter or have the option to swap between their onboard graphics card or a secondary graphics card.

Aside from the Game Capture fixes, we added in a bunch of stability fixes under the hood that should make Overwolf work smoother and behave all around better for you. And in the spirit of fine tuning under the hood, League of Legends, Minecraft, and Robocraft got some work done, so expect an even better Overwolf experience in those games now. See you in game,


Raif 's Avatar
  • Hello, Overwolf doesnt work (some other games work) with Blacklight retribution, after the parity patch, could you please look into it?
    PS. Overwolf is awesome.

  • Please fix this application to be compatible with Dolby Axon. Does not work while Dolby Axon is running because of the overlay issues.

    Thank you.

    • If you already have Overwolf then yours will automatically update to this new version, so there isn’t anything you need to do.

  • Can we get the smaller minimum size of the TeamSpeak channel overlay back? I liked having this very small and now it seems to have a much larger minimum size.

    • We didn’t change anything to our channel overlay except for add in some skins for them. Can you take a screenshot of what you’re mentioning so we can see?

  • Hey guys, I just wanted to say I am really liking Overwolf and I think you guys have a future as big as something like Steam. Keep up the good work and keep on connecting gamers!!

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