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Overwolf version 0.89.63 released!


Introducing new TeamSpeak Skins!

Welcome to the next stage of our skin program, TeamSpeak skins!

In our effort to make Overwolf customizable to your tastes, we added in the ability for skinning the Overwolf TeamSpeak windows!

Just like normal skins, we’ll add more and more as well as let community skinners create them! Look forward to a lot more skins coming out in the future.

Bug fixes galore!

There’s never an update without any bug fixes, so here’s what we got to this time:

    1. Improved game detection with some Steam games
    2. Fixed a bug where if your Overwolf username stared with a lower case you had no avatar
    3. The Overwolf dock is now hidden on auto launch

You can read the full technical release notes on our forums.

Catch you later,


Raif 's Avatar
  • I like OverWolf really much, but I can’t connect my youtube or facebook to OverWolf cuz it doesn’t have secured http: servers so can you try to fix this problem. :)

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