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Overwolf version 0.88.77 released!


One small step for gamers, and a giant leap for Overwolf!

This version of Overwolf has us really excited and we can’t wait to share it with you. We’ve got some fixes that should seriously improve performance and added in a new feature that a lot of people asked for – a no frills, lean Overwolf installation.

New Video Recorder Updates
We added some new tech to Overwolf that should seriously help out with FPS drops and overall Overwolf performance when recording, streaming or using Repay HUD. Long story short is that we changed how we capture frames from the game and optimized how it gets passed to our recorder so there will be much less of an impact on your game.

Install apps from the online appstore
Ever go to the online appstore and be like “how do I install this?” Ask yourself this no more! You can now head to the online appstore and you can install it straight from there. Just clicking on the install button there will download it to your existing Overwolf.

No frills Overwolf
We know you all have wanted this for a while, and here it is! We’ve added in a new type of installation that will allow you to only have the apps you want installed.

Only want LoLwiz and nothing else Overwolf offers? Head on to the appstore on our homepage and click the install button on the app and bam. You have an Overwolf that only has LoLwiz on it and all the hotkeys disabled save the ones to control Overwolf. This works for all the apps on our online appstore now!

Windows 10 Support
We now fully support Windows 10 on all our supported games. If you run into any issues, let us know immediately!

We’ve also got some awesome apps coming very soon, so stay tuned for those! As always, we’re working hard to make Overwolf the best it can be, but this is it for this round. Stay tuned for more updates!

Catch you later,


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