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Overwolf version released!


Another Overwolf version is out there…
This one contains mostly stability fixes, but also many preparations for some uber-awesome-epic features that are coming soon.

Before we start, here’s a small teaser for our next upcoming skin! If you’re an Asus fan, like we are, I think you will agree it is definitely worth the wait…

Asus RoG Skin
So here’s what we have for you this time:

Leaner Overwolf
We’ve decided to put Overwolf on a diet and remove a few dock buttons. We felt that the “Screen Capture”, “My screenshots” and “My videos” dock buttons are unnecessary and too cluttering so we completely removed them. You can still access all these great features either from the Video recorder window or by hitting the corresponding hotkey (see the Hotkeys section in the settings window for more information).

We upgraded our Replay HUD for more awesomeness, it now supports large video files even on Windows 7. When the recorded video reaches 4GB, it is automatically split and the recording seamlessly continues.

Stability fixes

  • TeamSpeak - Fixed an issue causing a possible crash of TeamSpeak when Overwolf is closed and a game is running.
  • World of Warcraft – Fixed a visual artifact of “flickering water”.
  • SMITE – Fixed a bug causing the game cursor to dissapear when the game resolution is changed.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Fixed a possible game crash while streaming or recording.

Have a great new version!


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