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Overwolf version 0.87.22 released!


Forging ahead with Overwolf!

It’s that time again! A new version of Overwolf is here and so are some new features! We’re upping the pace that we do releases as we want to get these fixes out to you all sooner. You’re probably wondering, what could they have done in such a short amount of time?

Jinx Skin

Skin Updates

  • New Jinx skin - We released our brand new skin for League of Legends – Jinx! She talks, shoots and is bad@ss! You can check it out here  to see it in action or just download it on the Appstore.
  • Sounds Tab – Added a new option in the sounds tab to enable/disable skin speech sounds. Not everyone wants to hear Jinx talk to herself ya know!

Skype – Saying Goodbye

In this version we removed Skype from Overwolf. Unfortunately, due to Microsoft no longer supporting the Skype API, we can no longer offer this service because of technical limitations. The current tools that exist to connect to Skype are buggy and are no longer being repaired and we at Overwolf don’t want to offer you all a “half baked” app that works only some of the time.


  • Hotkey defaults changed - We changed the way the hotkeys work. By default all the hotkeys are disabled except for the hotkeys needed to control Overwolf (Control + Tab for example).
  • Hotkey Enabling - If you want to enable a hotkey, you’ll need to go into the settings and just check the ox next to the hotkey to turn it on. You can also change the hotkey there as well.

Major Bug fixes

  • IM Chat bugs- We fixed an issue people were having in connecting to the multi IM chats. This should now work a lot better. Also
  • Giveaway timer reset – There’s been a bug floating around that reset peoples giveaway timers. No more will you have that frustration of being super close to done only to have it reset on you.

Remember if you have any skins you want to let us know on our skin request site! Catch you all in game!


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