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Overwolf version 0.51.325 released!


Break into your dad’s liqueur cabinet, get a couple of kegs, as much junk food as you can get your hands on, about 5 cases of energy drinks, and get ready for a streaming party.
Twitch finally made its way into Overwolf!

Some of you may have found Twitch hiding (perhaps not so well) in our previous version. This time around it’s definitely not hiding, and it also received great features, for your streaming pleasure:

  • We expected some of the feedback from the test version, so we developed it in advance – you can now send chat messages through the Twitch chat window
  • And while on the subject of the chat, we made it look and feel more like the original Twitch chat that you all love. There’s a small workaround on the name colors that we had to do, but that’ll be sorted out soon
  • I already blabbed about this one – a webcam feature has been added, with the ability to resize, set opacity and place it wherever the heck you want to
  • Stream options: you now have the ability to choose which of the Twitch windows will be displayed on the stream, and which won’t. You can even set the camera to ‘Always stream’, minimize it, and it’ll continue to appear in the stream, without adding clutter to your game (watch out Xsplit)
  • Hope you’re not tired yet, but Twitch also offers a hotkey for playing commercials.
  • A better BRB message when tabbing out to the desktop
  • And a notification will pop for Overwolf buddies that started steaming!

Staying in-line with good news – Skype is being brought back from the dead. We shook our stick at the API, and it didn’t seem to respond in a bad manner. So yeah, Skype is back, hurray (thank god I don’t have to tab out anymore).

Furthermore, League of Legends now works on Windows 8.1. Mhhmmmm, we fixed those horribad crashes, and as a free dessert – all OS’s received additional stability. A round of applause to our engineers, they deserve it.

And as usual, the line that says nothing, but means the world: “various stability fixes and enhancements have been made”.

. . .

The following new games are now supported by Overwolf:

  • DAYZ
  • Starbound
  • Rust
  • NBA 2K14
  • King’s Bounty: Legions
  • NosTale EU
  • Marvel Puzzle Quest

. . .

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- Viking!

  • May i ask why the Newsletter and this post say that the Skype API works,but when i go into Overwolf there is still the message that Skype doesn´t work?

    • Please check that you have the latest version installed:
      Go to the settings (either from the tray menu or the wrench icon on the dock) -> Support -> Check for updates.

      If you have the latest version (0.51.325) and still have Skype unusable, please let us know.

  • May I ask why this blog says that this version is released when the download page and the updater for overwolf is an earlier version?

    • You may.
      We’re trying fragmented distribution for this version, so only some users get it at first.
      Once we see there are no issues with the version, we’ll release it officially.
      The version should be out this week, and we’ll send out newsletters and post on the forum once it’s up.

      P.S. Did you just randomly stumble upon the blog? :)

      • I guess in a matter of speaking, I was searching up things related to Overwolf and noticed the blog speaking of a version later than the one I had (I just updated it). Thank you for replying ^.^

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