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Overwolf Version 0.5.63 Released!

Great news everyone!

A new Overwolf version is now available for download through Overwolf’s download page. If you already have Overwolf installed, just restart it and you will be prompted to download and auto install the new update.

So, what’s new and improved?

First of all, we’ve improved the quality of captured videos. Your newly captured videos should now run smoother. Also, Overwolf’s hot keys are active only in-game now and disabled on desktop.

FPS Monitor

Overwolf now has it’s very own FPS Monitor. After enabling it in the Settings window, the FPS (Frames Per Second) monitor can be shown at each corner of the screen.

Save screenshots on your disk

It’s finally here – screenshots can now be saved to your disk (“My documentMy PicturesOverwolf” folder) in addition to the ability to upload them directly to your Facebook account.

PTR – Push to Record

Overwolf presents a brand new concept in gameplay capturing – Push to Record (PTR). Enable PTR recording mode in the settings window, choose your recording trigger, and record only the most important events in the game. This will allow you to make ultra cool frag montage videos.

Noticeable bug fixes

The bug preventing some users from uploading their gameplay videos to Twitter has been fixed. Feel free to share your captured videos with your friends via Twitter. The bug that caused users that are using Windows XP theme in Windows 7 to not see the radio buttons, textboxes and some titles properly has also been fixed.


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