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Overwolf version 0.37.218 released!



In this release we’ve focused on upgrading some of our existing features. The first one is our chat window. We’ve added web link support and incoming message typing indication (can you find the hidden Easter Egg there?!) Our next upgrade is in the browser, a browsing history drop down menu was added, to enhance your in-game surfing habits.


And now for the breaking news – Overwolf now supports Minecraft! Yay! The reason it took us a while, is because Minecraft works on a different graphic engine that is called OpenGL. We basically had to support this new graphic engine to be able to support Minecraft…


So now, you can take screenshots, record videos and use all our features inside Minecraft! We’ve also published a very nice MC friends-list app in collaboration with Enjin! Can’t wait to see your cool MC videos in our forums!


Oh, some users requested a Google+ web app, so we’ve added this as well. That’s a big Plus! (hmmm…), last but not least we’ve reassembled the Steam chat parts and it’s now functional again. And as always we fixed some bugs.


In our next update, as promised, you’re going to see one of the most amazing features we’ve launched so far, the in-game music controller! Here’s a small tease of how it’s going to look like:

In-game music controller

New supported games:

  • Arctic Combat
  • Audition 2 for XP
  • Bounty bay Online
  • CS: Global offense
  • Dragona
  • Florensia
  • GRAW2
  • Guild wars 2 for XP
  • La tale
  • Lego batman
  • Microsoft flight
  • Minecraft
  • Prism: Guard shield
  • Raiderz
  • Runescape
  • Slender
  • Supreme destiny
  • The Chosen
  • Unreal Tournament 2004
  • Vessel
  • Warhammer online: wrath of heroes

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Rock on!


  • Please add mumble support…its been over 6 months since you guys said it would be looked into…this is the only thing that I have been waiting for…thanks.

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