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Overwolf version 0.36.212 released!

Hello folks,

In this version we’ve focused on maintenance, bug fixes and performance issues, as we do from time to time. No major update and incredible new features this time.


For the upcoming version, we’re going to improve our in-game, chrome based, browser significantly and we are going to release our top requested feature, which enormous amount of our beloved gamers’ voted for – our very own in-game music controller. With this amazing tool, currently baking, you will be able to control external music players, like iTunes, WMP, VLC & Winamp, while playing your favorite MMORPG or whatever.


We’ve redesigned our settings window… woohoooo, who cares… :)

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Rock on!


  • Hoi Janalopa,
    When you say “we’re going to improve our in-game, chrome based, browser significantly” can we hope to get something like Bookmarks, saving Passwords and the possibility to change the “Homepage”?

    Sincere regards,

  • Cool! but… what about support for Ragnarok Online? (It’s one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world, and I wanna use Overwolf there so badly!)

  • Hey Janalopa,
    Cool Post, I have steam but I play ofline because I share the same account with my brother, I tried overwolf but doesn’t work with that many games, I have raptr but that doesn’t support enough games for Ingame what is a good program what supports near enough every game so I can use stuff like that in game I love overwolf but doesn’t work on enough games D’:
    Kindest Regards

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