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Overwolf version 0.33.199 released!

Dear audience,

I hope you all enjoyed this crazy gaming month, while using Overwolf of course!

Today we have a great update for you with an amazing new feature that will change the way you play LoL!

The League of Legends Respawn Timers Widget
Stop guessing when one of those bloody creeps are respawning and use our in-game “League of Legends Timers” widget that will help you with those respawn times. Each creep has its own timer. Clicking on it will reset the timer to count down again, so pay attention when a teammate says he killed one! Currently, the widget is only available for “The Summoners Rift”, 5 vs 5 map. BUT if you throw enough stones at our support mail, we’ll add it for the other maps!

So how does it works?

1. When you enter LoL, you’ll get a notification like this on Overwolf main menu, aka “The dock”:
League Of Legends in-game creeps re-spawn timers widget

2. A new widget will be added to the widget bank:
League Of Legends in-game creeps re-spawn timers widget

3. Click on it and follow the instructions provided…
League Of Legends in-game creeps re-spawn timers widget

And some other cool updates:

  1. We’ve added a maximize button at the top of each widget, so you can now maximize its window by double clicking the title bar or by using this weird rectangle button.
  2. Italiano รจ supportato! Overwolf now speaks Italian!
  3. The music player, which apparently doesn’t work on Windows XP with WMP < 10, now supports these music formats: AAC, AIFF and WAV.
  4. Lots of bugs were fixed, specifically the ones concerning the connection to various IM’s, so please try it out again.

I am glad to announce that we now support these games: Tera, Guild Wars 2 and Dota 2, under certain limitations, please read the game comment carefully. The complete list of the new supported games:

  • Dota 2
  • Fallen Earth
  • Guild wars 2
  • Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
  • Kerbal Space program
  • Knight Online
  • Path of Exile
  • Point Blank
  • Pokemon World Online
  • Rise of the Dragonian Era AKA R.O.D.E
  • Sol: Exodus
  • Tera

Note that you have to restart Overwolf to get it working, and make sure you are running the latest version 0.33.199…

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Rock on!

Gil Or, Lead developer at Overwolf.

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