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Overwolf version 0.31.190 released!

Hey gamers!

Great news, another Overwolf version is out there!

This time we decided to beef up our Multi IM widget, so we added three(!) new services: Facebook chat, gTalk and XFire chat. Oh, and you can now customize which chats will appear in the widget.
Who loves ya???

We’ve also added:

1. Ability to select where the TeamSpeak notifications will appear (top-left or top-right).

2. You can now maximize windows by double-clicking on the titlebar!

3. Support for Korean language.

4. As usual, many bug fixes :)

5. Two games were added as well: 2Moons and Unstoppable Gorg

As always, you need to restart Overwolf to get these updates working…

Don’t forget to find us on Facebook, Steam Group, Twitter and YouTube.

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Rock on!

Gil Or, Lead developer at Overwolf.

  • Awesome! FB Chat finally!
    I was getting tired of opening the browser to chat with friends.

    Minecraft anytime soon?

    I <3 Overwolf

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