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Overwolf version 0.20.132 released!

Howdy Overwolf friends,

I’m happy to announce the next release of Overwolf. The last 3 weeks were very intense since we are dealing with a major increase of users. I will use the opportunity to greet all the staff here, and specially our new recruit, the superman guy, Dr. Ezra Hoch who’ve worked hard to create our very own steam chat widget!

So what do we have for you this time:

1. Steam chat! Use this in-game steam chat widget to stay in touch with your steam fellows while playing games. Though this widget will work better when you are not using the steam client as it wont allow you to connect with the same account twice.

2. The settings window has been redesigned and improved significantly. As so many new features added lately, we had the urge to upgrade the settings logic, so some of the tabs and settings have been reorganized, I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for over there.

3. Video recorder has been improved significantly! It works smoother now and does support playback audio recording for Windows 7, so the era of silent videos is over now!

4. The Gmail widget now points to the new and improved Gmail website.

5. As always, bugs were fixed and new games are supported!

I know that we’ve received lots of requests for other awesome widgets that yet to be developed, we are listening to everyone and here to stay to bring you the best in-game widgets, so stay tuned!

Until the next release,
Yours truly,
Gil Or
Lead Developer


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