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Overwolf version 0.17.122 action release!

Exciting news, our beloved gamer scoundrels,
Overwolf’s new version is out there, and we’ve got plenty of shiny new updates for you to behold:

1. Ok, because you’ve completely flooded our mail boxes with unfathomable amounts of nagging requests about the video recordings, we present to you the “Full-Size video”, allowing you to record High-Quality videos, while setting the FPS yourself! Can you stop devastating our mails now?

2. A new and better detailed game list, now sorting between OS, and constantly updated with our latest supported games. So make sure to obsessively look for your favorite game, BLANK!

3. Speaking of games, we’ve read some of your mails (yes, we can read), and we now support some of your most requested games, such as Age of Conan, MapleStory, and more!

4. The incredible Youtube widget! Now you can  navigate through your favorite Youtube videos, such as the unholy “Nyan Cat”, with extra ease and without ever leaving your game!

5. Don’t want Overwolf’s dock (the little half circle thingy stuck to the side) to expand while hovering over it? We understand… You can now choose to open Overwolf’s dock with a click instead, and watch the magic in action. (Just configure this in settings > General).

And don’t forget the usual bug fixes and other technobabble that they never fully explain to me.

Rock on guys…. Rock on to the max.

  • Yay! Amongst other things Age of Conan is now supported :) Very nice indeed ;]
    Can’t wait to finally check it out when I’m back from work.

    Good job guys!

    You got one huge fan here ;)

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