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Introducing the new Overwolf logo!

Greetings fellow gamers,

Today we’re proudly introducing a new logo! Why are we doing this now?

As gamers, our mission at Overwolf has always been to build a platform of apps that is helpful, and makes gaming even more exciting and fun. We started out with apps that help you stay in-game, like the Browser, Music player and TeamSpeak Overlay.

Together with you, we’ve been watching the gaming industry evolve, and were blown away by the rise of eSports and competitive gaming. Thanks to your feedback, we started focusing on apps that help you improve your skills when playing competitive games. Apps like Replay HUD, LoLwiz, HearthArena Companion, CS:GO Stats, DotaPlus and many more.

It was your amazing response to these apps, and their wide adoption by renowned pros like Sneaky, Kripp and NB3 to name a few, that gave us the confidence to redefine our mission – Overwolf is here to help you become a better gamer!

To help us reflect this evolution, we felt that our logo and tagline should evolve as well.

So here is our new logo. We like to think of it as a cross between a super-hero and a warrior-wolf. It’s your fierce teammate that is always there for you at the right moment, helping you get the job done.

Our new tagline is “Enjoy winning”: “Winning”, because it’s our goal, and “Enjoy”, because the road to victory is just as important.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for being a part of the Overwolf community. Your ongoing feedback and support have been driving us to constantly improve our platform, as we continue the journey to make Overwolf the best in-game companion for you.

Yours truly,
Uri Marchand,
Overwolf CEO

  • So, I need a new Overwolf T-Shirt :)
    My old one is not longer actual.

    I have my old Shirt since the Beta, because I did help you guys to check the German grammar :)
    Where can I get a new T-Shirt?^^

    And nice greetings to my Friend Viking *Huah!*

    Dracken – Der Overwolf

  • Maybe make the black in the logo green, or maybe blue? Red would just look like they’re not entirely letting go of their past motto.

  • спасибо за улучшения,а на счёт логотипа новый по круче будет:)

  • Love the new logo and tagline. But mostly, i really like and appreciate the speech in the post. Keep the good work.

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