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LoLwiz “No stats” Bug Update

Greetings LoLwiz’ers!

Recently, many of you may have noticed that you’re having some trouble getting your stats. We wanted to sit down and explain what’s happening.

There are 2 reasons that you might not be getting your stats:

Errors from Riot’s servers
This happens when Riot’s servers aren’t sending the stats we request from them. We’ve taken note that this happens randomly about 17% of the time and happens especially for Latin America North and South players. This is a known issue and we’re working on fixing this.

You are spectating
The way LoLwiz works is that it checks for your stats, or more accurately the stats of the summoner name and region you entered in LoLwiz. If you (or the summoner you entered in LoLwiz) are not in a match, it won’t show you any stats. This includes spectating as you’re not currently playing a match (just watching one).

With the way LoLwiz works now, we are completely dependent on the Riot servers for stats, so if the server doesn’t send it there is nothing we can do. We’re working with Riot to iron out these issues and we’ll update you as soon as we can!

Stay tuned for updates and fixes!


Raif 's Avatar
  • Hi, this morning my LoLWiz was working perfectly fine, but after a couple games when loading into the game, the window pops up on the top left like normal, but says “unassigned” so i cant do the usual shift+tab to open the ranks of other people. How do i fix?

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