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Heroes of Newerth Black Legion Avatar Giveaway!


Live Rounds and Heroes of Newerth Giveaway!

With the exciting new launch of Live Rounds, we at Overwolf, Rounds, and Heroes of Newerth are bringing you a super sweet giveaway. If you play Heroes of Newerth with a party where everyone  is using Live Rounds, you will all receive a 1 time, per account code that will unlock the full fan favorite Black Legion avatar set, valued at $50 USD, which includes:

  • Quintan the Black Legionnaire (Ultimate Avatar)
  • Unum the Black Legion Martyr
  • Dyad the Black Legion Smith
  • Troika the Black Legion Engineer
  • Tetra the Black Legion Scout

If you already have the Black Legion set unlocked on your account, you can swap it for something else, just contact us at liverounds@rounds.com.

Holy %&*, how do I get this?

Easy. Just follow the simple instructions here and get your loot!

  1. Install and register for Overwolf.
  2. Install the Live Rounds app located in the Appstore.
  3. Play Heroes of Newerth with Live Rounds running.
  4. Have your entire party in your Live Rounds video chat room.

Once you have a full room, a pop-up will show for all the people in the room with their own personal code to unlock the full Black Legion set. Some restrictions:

  • This giveaway is for NA/EU Only – The codes will not work if you’re located elsewhere sorry!
  • 1 code per account
Watch The Black Legion Trailer  learn more button


  • i got a code for the black legion pack it didnt work cuz the numbers are weird help asap my account name KASHIKOI_94 and heres my old code or how i think it is its not working frustrated …
    7H2 0(or)o 7Y 0(or)o 8G1SRYS 0(or)o 3JTSR its the o’s or 0′s zeros i dont know can i get a new code i swear its not used and i cant redeem it i dont have them either the acatars

  • Guys I already had black legion bundle, so I want to trade my code for something else :D (gold coins) I sent a message via outlook

  • Hello already got the code, was wondering how long would it take to swap the prize for something else since I already have the full set of the black legion

  • apology but I already have the black legion buy long ago all set with gold coin and now as I order another avatar or give you something is not right but :(

  • A really nice giveaway!
    How many ppl have to be in the room to get it full? 5?
    And how do you get Live Rounds displayed horizontally like shown in the picture?


  • i 5 queued on live rounds, with marcus4444, aaradams07, dookieface, kiltedpanda, and myself tavok2. Only marcus4444 got the code for the black legion, and im the one hosting the live rounds. Was curious if there was a way you could rememdy this for myself and the rest of the players in my group. we all use live rounds every time we play, and plan on being faithful to it. but the let down of only one of us getting the code was a bit upsetting

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