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Beta Testers Needed!

Overwolf’s development team is working LONG hours, making huge progress in removing all major bugs and adding support for as many games in the Overwolf client! However, this progress comes with a price – the development team is tired, hungry, and they keep complaining about the cold when we lock them in the office overnight. This, of course, is unacceptable, and we are doing our best to find new and innovative ways of keeping our developers from escaping and calling the police. In the meantime we need you, our core users, to fire up Overwolf and play videogames!

Beta testers are needed for locating bugs and glitches and passing the information along to our development team for a closer look. “But Overwolf is free to download even during it’s beta!” you say? Yes, Overwolf is free, and is still in it’s Beta stage, however, we need to organize a small army of beta testers who will have access to new Overwolf version releases before they go public and make sure nothing catches fire while they play.

So, if you are an organized individual (Or clan/guild) who enjoys playing videogames and is willing to do so while taking notes about Overwolf, we want to hear from you! please contact us at Team@overwolf.com or Leon.Brin@overwolf.com if you are interested in joining the team, or if you have any questions about Beta Testing.

Thank you for your continued support!

Frag on!

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