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Overwolf version released!



This is a beta version that will be released at a later date.

Hey peeps,

You ready for the next level of our Twitch streamer?

We listened, watched, asked and learned all the things you guys wanted out of our Twitch streaming app and added as many as we could in. We’re taking it to the next level, and we won’t stop here. Wanna know what’s up? Look no further:

  • Improved video encoding – We’ve included new codecs for higher stream quality and performance. Intel Quick Sync, Nvidia NVENC, and x264 codecs are now available for you to use.
  • Desktop streaming - Ever thought it was seriously annoying to not be able to stream your desktop? Now you can.
  • Mouse cursor streaming - No more invisible mice clicking stuff and leaving your viewers wondering if they should call the Ghostbusters. Stream your mouse so everyone can see your epic clicking skillz.
  • Microphone and sound device selection – Select the microphone and speakers you want to stream!

. . .

Some buffs for the new Appstore!

You might have noticed, but there wasn’t a search bar for the Appstore. Well, now it’s back and with some options! You’ll now be able to search for apps by how popular the apps are.

Popularity? What’s that? Well, now you can tell everyone what you think of the apps by reviewing and rating each app. We added this feature in so you can tell us how you really feel about the apps.

. . .

We’ve done some bug fixes too. Our video recorder now works in Robocraft! Also, the video recorder will no longer get stuck, infinitely recording your game till you close it.

There have been some major changes in how we interact with Hearthstone and Robocraft so you should notice a much better gaming experience in these games.

Your Windows key is now yours again. For a long time, you’ve asked us to not block your Windows key and we listened. It’s now free for you to use while in game.

. . .

What’s an Appstore without some awesome “can’t live without em” apps? Well, we got 2 for you! Introducing SMITE.Guru and ModXVM powered apps. You can find them in the Appstore under For Games.

smiteguru-tile WOT-XVM-tiles-258x198 (1)
Hit CTRL + F and open up the Smite.Guru search and see your opponents match history, Elo, rank and statistics on how they play with each god. Get all the info you need about your opponents in SMITE now! This new app will let you know when there’s been a new release of the XVM mod for World of Tanks. You’ll never need to leave your game to update your mod again.

. . .

These games will be supported with the release of this version at a later date.

What’s an Overwolf update without some new games? Here’s the next round of supported games:

  • Evolve
  • Arma II – DayZ Mod
  • Trove
  • Receiver
  • H1Z1

. . .

See you guys and gals in game!

avatar_ari masseffect3 (1)

Overwolf version 0.82.104 released!

Hey guys and gals,

A new Overwolf version is upon us, this time we’re setting up for the big launch of our new Appstore.
Yeah, you’ve heard it. Google, Amazon, and Apple have those big, bright, and beautiful stores, and now – we do too! Continue

Overwolf version 0.81.36 hotfix

Hello everyone!

This is a quick version release with added support for ‘focus on app open’ for app developers.

We would also like to share an exciting announcement – our partnership with ZAM networks! We’re teaming up to step up your in-game experience! Check out the new ZAM Search app that will help you find whatever you need across all the ZAM websites. You can find the app on the Overwolf Appstore.

See the app in action:

Expect a new Overwolf version with super exciting features in the next week or so.

Peace out,

Heroes of Newerth Black Legion Avatar Giveaway!


Live Rounds and Heroes of Newerth Giveaway!

With the exciting new launch of Live Rounds, we at Overwolf, Rounds, and Heroes of Newerth are bringing you a super sweet giveaway. If you play Heroes of Newerth with a party where everyone  is using Live Rounds, you will all receive a 1 time, per account code that will unlock the full fan favorite Black Legion avatar set, valued at $50 USD, which includes:

  • Quintan the Black Legionnaire (Ultimate Avatar)
  • Unum the Black Legion Martyr
  • Dyad the Black Legion Smith
  • Troika the Black Legion Engineer
  • Tetra the Black Legion Scout

If you already have the Black Legion set unlocked on your account, you can swap it for something else, just contact us at liverounds@rounds.com.

Holy %&*, how do I get this?

Easy. Just follow the simple instructions here and get your loot!

  1. Install and register for Overwolf.
  2. Install the Live Rounds app located in the Appstore.
  3. Play Heroes of Newerth with Live Rounds running.
  4. Have your entire party in your Live Rounds video chat room.

Once you have a full room, a pop-up will show for all the people in the room with their own personal code to unlock the full Black Legion set. Some restrictions:

  • This giveaway is for NA/EU Only – The codes will not work if you’re located elsewhere sorry!
  • 1 code per account
Watch The Black Legion Trailer  learn more button


WoT giveaway is over

Hey everyone!

Boy this giveaway was fast. You all overwhelmed us and really came out for that gold!

Unfortunately, we have to close the giveaway earlier than mentioned as the 100,000 keys we were given are already in your hands. We’re very sorry about having to close the World of Tanks 1000 gold giveaway early. In our next giveaway, we will make sure that both the number of keys available as well as other restrictions are properly reflected.

Thank you everyone who participated and downloaded Overwolf. We hope you enjoy both the gold and using Overwolf in your game.

See you in game!
Team Overwolf

Overwolf version 0.81.34 released!

Hey guys and gals,

Yet another version is out, come see what’s even more awesome this time around:

Congratulations to the Winners!

And so the contest ends…

Developers coded, we tested and now have our winners for the TeamSpeak|Guild Wars 2 App development contest! Introducing the winners who made the best apps:


There were so many amazing apps that you should definitely all check out in the Appstore that will make your gameplay even more fun. Click here for the whole story.

Don’t forget, there is the User Choice category where YOU decide which app wins $1000! Install your favorite app today and help them win!

Rock On!

Overwolf version 0.80.20 released!

Hello Overwolf Enthusiasts

This time we bring give-a-ways, yes, you heard it, freeeeeeeeeeeeee stuff!
Strap yourself in and come see how to get your hands on game gold and more.


Announcing the Guild Wars 2 – Overwolf WvW Fall Tournament Contests

gw2 banner

Are you ready for more Guild Wars 2?

Last month, we partnered with ArenaNet to see who could develop the best app for World vs. World in the Overwolf WvW App Challenge. Some awesome apps were created by you all, and you can now download them from the Appstore!

After our awesome partnership on the Guild Wars 2 WvW App Challenge, we’re at it again with Guild Wars 2 and give you two new contests taking place during the Guild Wars 2 WvW Fall Tournament of 2014!


Overwolf WvW Streaming Contest

Here, you will be challenged to get the most number of concurrent viewers on your Twitch channel during the contest. The top winner will win some SteelSeries peripherals and a bounty of 8000 Guild Wars 2 Gems! By entering the contest and streaming using the Overwolf app, your entry will be displayed on the Overwolf leaderboards.

Check the Overwolf WvW Streaming Contest page and get the full scoop and how to enter!


Overwolf WvW War Reporter Contest

Our second contest is one where you are challenged to create a “War Report” video that discusses (or showcases) the week’s events (or slaughter) in the WvW Fall Tournament! Use the Overwolf Video recorder to share your video on YouTube to enter the contest. Each week, a winner will be selected to win 5000 gems. All entries will be judged by the Guild wars 2 Community Team.

Check the Overwolf WvW War Reporter Contest page for more info and how to enter!

Overwolf version 0.79.21 released!

Aloha dear friends!

I’ve chosen to greet you in Hawaiian because the air conditioning in my work area decided to take a nice long break and I’m now the prisoner of heat and despair. So in order to escape my prison, I’m imagining a nice tropical island with refreshing, ice-cold drinks… Ahhhh…

Enough with random ramblings and on with what’s new in this version: Continue