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Overwolf version released!


A small, but potent update!

This update is pretty small, but an important one. We’re releasing more versions faster that are focused around specific fixes so we can get bugs that bother you all crushed faster and features tested and released quicker.

Overwolf version 0.88.77 released!


One small step for gamers, and a giant leap for Overwolf!

This version of Overwolf has us really excited and we can’t wait to share it with you. We’ve got some fixes that should seriously improve performance and added in a new feature that a lot of people asked for – a no frills, lean Overwolf installation.

LoLwiz “No stats” Bug Update

Greetings LoLwiz’ers!

Recently, many of you may have noticed that you’re having some trouble getting your stats. We wanted to sit down and explain what’s happening.

Overwolf version released!


Another Overwolf version is out there…
This one contains mostly stability fixes, but also many preparations for some uber-awesome-epic features that are coming soon.


Overwolf version 0.87.22 released!


Forging ahead with Overwolf!

It’s that time again! A new version of Overwolf is here and so are some new features! We’re upping the pace that we do releases as we want to get these fixes out to you all sooner. You’re probably wondering, what could they have done in such a short amount of time?


Overwolf version 0.86.89 released!


Summer is here, and so is a new version of Overwolf!

This release is a little small, but chock full of background fixes to make Overwolf more stable and set up some surprises for the future (no spoilers today sorry!).

So, what do we have this time? Continue

Crytek and Warface team up with Overwolf

Bring Your World into Warface with Overwolf

We at Overwolf are excited to tell you guys that we’ve partnered up with Crytek and Warface to bring you all the best gaming experience possible! Continue

Overwolf version 0.85.190 released!


Changes on the horizon

This release is a little different than before. When we sat to plan out this release, we decided that this release will be focused all around making Overwolf more stable and run much smoother. So to do that, we’ve been gathering info on the top things that bother people and bugs that have been seen and set out to fix them. Let’s get started!


FPS drops – Solved!

Hey all!

I’m happy to update you that we finally understood what causes FPS drops for some of you. We’ve been working hard at trying to recreate this on over 30 different computers with vastly different specs with no luck. However, we now discovered that there is a Microsoft bug for WPF apps with transparent windows (like Overwolf) which leads to FPS drops in games. Continue

Overwolf version 0.84.92 released!


Ready for change?

Everyone has their own style, and now you can show it off even on your Overwolf. You’ll now be able to download custom made skins for Overwolf! These skins will completely transform your Overwolf’s looks and sounds! You’ll be able to find them in the Appstore under its very own “Skins” category. skin-carousel_blog Continue