TeamSpeak in-game. Hell, yeah!

This one has been on our most wanted list for quite a while. Hundreds of users requested it, and here is the result. With Overwolf comes full in-game functionality and alerts from TeamSpeak, while you play!

Notice: we currently support only 32bit version of TeamSpeak, 64bit is still cooking. (no problems with 64bit operating systems though).

Search and destroy. Or just check your emails

Not sure how to kill the last boss? Don't know where to go now? Wondering what's the best way to approach a problem? Besides checking your emails, Overwolf's chrome-based in-game browser ensures you'll actually find whatever it is that you are looking for, without leaving your game.

Chat with them friends of yours

Nobody likes to alt+tab their way out of a game for an annoying "Are you there, bro?". Use the Multi Chat widget to answer "no", or "busy", or "quit poking me, please!" without ever leaving the game. Oh, and get this: you only have to enter you username and password once, and BANG! You’re connected.

Open your Justin Timberlake albums while playing. (NOT!!!)

Play your favorite songs while playing your favorite game! A Simple, clean, cool, easy to use, Overwolf style… You can play a specific file or folder from your HD. Soon we’ll add an option to control your favorite music player.

Album photos powered by

Your “been playing too much” alert

Some people have weird addictions. We’re addicted to playing games. The problem is that some things disturb our gaming experience… Things like school, university, work, sleep and more. This feature will help you remember all of these other things, we sometimes must do…

Record your game play

The Overwolf Video Recorder widget allows you to record gameplay videos, save them on your hard drive or upload them directly to your Facebook or YouTube accounts and post them on Twitter.

Using the in-game widget Video Player, you can watch videos you recorded without ever leaving your game. Show off your amazing-once-in-a-life-time headshots, share funny moments and kills, record your own voice and upload game guides or walkthroughs to help other players.

Don't be afraid to show off your moments of glory. Remember the words of Muhammad Ali: "It ain't bragging if you can back it up..."

100% pure action video

No more boring 10 minutes round recordings or long editing work – get what matters, instantly.

How does it work? Configure your shoot to record trigger to match your in-game fire key (left mouse click usually). Activate "Shoot to Record" from your video recording widget and press the Record button to arm it.

Now, every time you hit left click to shoot, Overwolf will automatically start recording. When you release your mouse button, Overwolf will continue to record for a few seconds longer (just to make sure we capture your victim's head as it blasts into a million pieces), and then the recording will be paused until the next time you decide to shoot. To end the recording press the Record button again.

Keep on shooting a few more bad guys, and maybe throw in a zombie for the final touch, and… Voilà - you got what we call a killer video…

(BTW, you can configure the trigger and suspension time in settings > video).

Shoot your moments of glory

Capture a high resolution screenshot with a single click while you continue to play. See the result immediately, and share it on Twitter or Facebook with just one click without leaving your game.

That way, when you are 80 years old and your grand children don’t believe what a glorious warrior you once were, you will have the proof. Just like that.

Your social feed

Use Overwolf's Facebook widget to easily update your own status and upload screenshots from the game while you play. Compare your screenshots with your friends and compete for the best screen grab.

Challenge other players, post your high scores and invite your friends for some online gaming.

Also, you can use Overwolf to do the non-gaming related Facebook activities: view and comment friends' statuses, check out hot chicks' profiles and...
wait, what?!

Enjin - Social Gaming Network & Guild Host

You’ve played every game under the sun. You’ve mastered dungeon crawlers, blown up every enemy’s head, and defended the world from every oversized “boss” that thought it could take you on.

Now you want to take your game to the next level. You want to share your accomplishments with other like-minded gamers or even start your own legendary guild or clan website. Where do you begin?

The answer is Enjin ( Enjin is a leading guild and clan website management system and social network with over 2.5 million gamers and 150,000 gaming communities. You can create your site for free in a few clicks and begin adding content immediately. You can also recruit new users or get recruited with your own killer gaming profile. Enjin and Overwolf work hand in hand to bring you the ultimate social gaming experience.

So you can tell your boss you are still working…

Use the world's top VOIP software to voice chat with your friends while you play. A special, gamer oriented Skype UI, is visible on screen without leaving your game.

No need to add your friends to the Overwolf client - every contact you have on your Skype buddy list will be there from the get-go.

The Overwolf Skype widget has built-in features made especially for gamers - cool stuff like "Push To Talk" (PTT) take In-game communication to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Embrace your inner-Ashton. (Twitter)

We're not talking here about dating hot cougars, although we wouldn't condone this type of behavior.

You've just achieved another glorious victory and have to shout it out? Boom. Overwolf's Twitter widget is here to help. And you won't even have to leave the game…

Watch your captures without leaving the game

Okay, you've just had an amazing knife kill. If it was recorded, you can now check it out without leaving your game, and upload it to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

(Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone this was a noob’s life you just took).

Share your awesomeness

Use social networking tools such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to share your triumphs. Overwolf lets you record your gameplay moments of glory, upload them to your favorite social site, and let the world know that you've got some mad skills.

Cool web stuff

Experience the web through Overwolf: The web's top social and gaming websites, redesigned for compact view, take your arsenal of in-game tools to a whole new level.

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